Be Prepared With Covid-19 Go Bag

Women Over 50: Get Your Covid-19 Go Bag Ready

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Put together a Covid-19 Go Bag – just in case.

During the Corona Virus pandemic, anyone with a compromised immune system or over age 50, needs to be prepared to go the hospital at a moment’s notice with a Covid-19 Go Bag.  While shelter-in-place orders and social distancing seem to have made a difference to slow the virus, states are starting to re-open and we may see a spike in cases.

Normally if you need to be hospitalized, your family or friends would take you and stay in the waiting room. Your room would be adorned with flowers, cards and loved ones could bring you stuff you needed.  Not so in the days of Covid-19. 

During Covid-19 you need extra preparation

Your family’s own safety is at risk. You need to get prepared now with a “Covid-19 Go Bag” that contains your medical information, medication and a connection to the world.  It needs to be at the ready. 

This advice comes from my husband’s physician who came down with Covid-19 like a ton of bricks. 

Dr. Berman and his wife both got the virus at the same time in March after traveling to a wedding.  Whether they caught the virus at the wedding or on the flight home, they will never know. 

While recovering, Dr. Berman said his energy was so low, he was exhausted from eating two bites of toast and out of breath emptying the dishwasher.  After 4 weeks, he was back to work doing telemedicine and talking with my husband.  

Dr. Berman had some good advice for all of us:  put together a “go bag.”   

Your bag needs to contain essentials in case you have to stay at the hospital due to Covid-19.

“While you’re healthy, write down a list of medications you take, any allergies, and any relevant health history, and put it in the bag. In that bag, put a phone charger cable, a plug, and some kind of back up battery phone charger.”

Dr. Berman

Checklist For Your Go Bag


Identification – copy of your passport or driver’s license

Copy of your insurance information

Medical power of attorney

Advanced Healthcare Directive 

List of emergency phone numbers 

Health history 

List of medications


Small weekender bag that’s easy to grab

Extra pair of reading glasses

Phone charger

Phone charging station

If you are religious, a prayer book

A journal


Favorite book

A cosmetic bag – with travel sized skin care and foundation


Travel zipper pouches to organize your clothes and undies

Comfy clothes for when you head home

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Go Bag Checklist

Put together your emergency “Gotta Go” bag with this checklist.  Then get out and enjoy your day knowing you are prepared.  Watch for tips on living a life of adventure over age 50 in your email box.

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Nancy’s Covid-19 Go Bag

Covid 19 Go Bag or Bug Out Bag

Color copy of my passport for identification

Medical power of attorney – Advanced Healthcare Directive

Road ID dog tag – Contains all my medical information, list of medications, insurance and two emergency contacts

List of important phone numbers – in case my phone is not available

Extra pair of reading glasses

Phone charger

A Rosary

Empty journal and pens

Small cosmetic bag 


Zipper travel pouches to organize my clothes

Extra cloths for dismissal

Jay’s Covid-19 Go Bag 

Copy of his  driver’s license 

List of medications

Medical power of attorney- Health Care Directive

Phone charger

Phone charging station. 

Hopefully you won’t need yours

Hopefully the precautions — social distancing, staying home as much as possible, and washing our hands — will work and we’ll all stay safe and sound. 

If not, let’s be ready.

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7 thoughts on “Women Over 50: Get Your Covid-19 Go Bag Ready”

  1. Hi
    This is really excellent. We are in NC, and have been at home sine the beginning of March, taking all precautions. I actually did not think about putting all these items together, but such a wise idea! I take medication for my EDS and it is important to have all things in one place ready. I made a note to do this.
    Thank you

    1. Nancy Anderson


      Sounds like you are being extra safe! Who wants to get the Corona Virus – it sounds just awful.
      The other thing is the phone charger – your phone is your lifeline to family and friends. You’d never forget it but an extra charger would be super helpful in the hospital if – God forbid – you had to go!

      Stay safe (and sane!)


  2. This is a great thing to do! I have had many hospitalizations, and you’re right, I have always had time to prepare for my stay. I think the entire list can be done in less than 30 minutes and if needed, will be priceless! Stay healthy!

    1. Nancy Anderson

      This time your friends can’t bring you things you forgot!
      It took me about 20 minutes to get mine done and it’s a great feeling knowing I have it ready to go.
      Just in case.


  3. This is great, Nancy! The extra chargers and list of contacts are great reminders. This is good during this time period, whether you’re dealing with coronavirus or something else. Once you’re dropped off, no one can come in and bring you something you have forgotten. So timely.

  4. This is so smart! I hadn’t thought of creating a go bag, but it makes so much sense, for COVID and anytime, really. Excellent idea! Thank you!

    1. Nancy Anderson

      You’ll never believe this but my Go Bag already came in handy. There was a wildfire across the hill from us and we prepped in case we had to evacuate. Well, guess who was already packed with a a change of clothes, ID, and my makeup? Yep. Me.

      Fortunately, we didn’t have to evacuate and the firefighters got it under control.

      It’s reassuring to know I already have clothes for a day or two.


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