Let Go of Anxiety

Let Go Of Anxiety And Things You Can’t Control

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It is time to let go of anxiety and worry.

I’ve decided to break up with my old friend, “Miss Worry,” focus on what is important and let go of things I can’t control. Generally, I am not an anxious person but with the pandemic, I think we all have been worried and anxious since early 2020. If you’d like to let go of anxiety, read on.

A change of scenery is good. I recently took a short vacation/road trip to Wyoming and Montana to explore the West.

Because of the insights I gained and time to think on the long drive back home, I changed my outlook. Here’s how:

We toured Wyoming Dinosaur Center in Thermopolis.

Fossil – The Camarasaurus fossil I stood under at the dinosaur center is estimated to be 150 million years old. The skeleton was made up almost entirely of actual fossils. See @upyourgame_girl instagram feed for a video.

Here is a photo of her sweet face. Isn’t she lovely?

We hiked the Legends Rock trail in Wyoming.

Ancient – The petroglyphs we saw are estimated 6,000 – 8,000 years old — older than the Pyramids in Egypt.

Oh, so young – I feel like a baby in comparison.

Walking on the same rocks as my new old friends, I realize I worry way too much about things I can’t control.

Do you sweat stuff you can’t do anything about?

We certainly have a lot to try to control these days with the pandemic. First the lock down and then the vaccination were supposed to keep us protected. We are now finding out, with Delta and future variants, even those who chose to get poked in the arm, are still vulnerable.

Human contact is not the same through the computer camera. Body language and visual cues are more challenging to read. Simple conversations that arise by poking your head in someone’s office or walking down the hall aren’t happening.

Even when we go out in public, at the grocery store, a restaurant or a small gathering, there is an underlying tension and worry.

Let’s stay vigilant to be safe, and let go of worry and anxiousness.

After my short road trip, I feel mentally stimulated. The minor worries of daily life seem so insignificant. Coming back from a million years away from home, I am determined to focus on the important things and let go of the rest.

I am breaking up my friend Anxiety/Worry!

Here is the letter I wrote her:

Anxiety and worry,

I am breaking up with you.

It’s not you, really. It’s me. We’ve grown apart and I am a different person now.

We had a good thing. Really, we did.

You served me somehow in the past. Maybe you kept me safe for a while.

But I am moving on. I have a new girlfriend and her name is IMPORTANCE.

Goodbye. Fair, thee well.

One thing I am going to remember from my trip to the wide open spaces of Wyoming is that my day, my life, and my world are little in the big scheme of things.

Watch what you take seriously.

Continue to focus on what is important and let the rest go.

What is important to me:

  • Spiritual self
  • Family – staying connected, supporting and enjoying each other
  • Friends – see above
  • Making an impact on others in my work
  • Enjoying life
  • Planning adventures
  • Self care

While it is vital to be safe and take precautions with our health, it’s not necessary to be anxious. Do you know what I mean? If you feel the same, join me in focusing on what is important every single day and let anxiety go.

How can we do this?

We’ll figure it out. We are smart, strong and resilient, aren’t we?

What is important to you?

What are you going to do about it today?

P. S. Don’t hesitate to call in the professionals for worry and anxiety.

  • Get help from a professional counselor. 
  • Talk to your doctor. 
  • If you have an Employee Wellness program at your work, use it!  Mine has all kinds of resources including  1 on 1 counseling sessions and wellness classes. 
  • Your church will have resources, too!  Reach out and find out what is available. 

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