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Amazon Haul For Your 2020 Summer Stay-ca-tion Adventures

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Are you taking a stay-ca-tion adventure this summer? 

Regardless if you stay home or not, you can still fill your summer with adventure. All you need to do is put yourself in the mindset of a tourist. 

In your hometown, you may have some overlooked treasures and gems  right in front of you.  It could be you never noticed.  Consider this, I lived in Sacramento, California for over 20 years and never took a tour of the beautiful state capital building!  Yet I drove by it over 1,000 times. 

Your stay-ca-tion can be a great adventure exploring the area you live in every day. 

Here are some ideas for your summer stay-ca-tion and supplies to make your adventure amazing:

Print out a map of your town and draw a circle around a 2 hour drive time radius for day trips. 

Search for places you’ve never been –  hikes, rafting trips, and other fun adventures that a tourist may enjoy.  Schedule them during your week off and throughout the summer weekends and evenings. 

What you’ll need:

Sun hat –

With a wide brim to keep the sun off your face and moldable for durability.

Sunscreen –

Use at least 50+ SPF for your face, neck and hands.

Clothing with built in sun protection –

No one wants to come home with a bad sunburn and you can burn right through a cotton shirt. Try a long sleeve shirt that has a SPF of 50+. 

Swim shoes –

These are a life saver for lake swimming, rafting, paddle boarding and kayaking. Flip flops won’t due and tennis shoes get too wet.

Hiking boots/shoes –

Sturdy ankle protection

Hiking/walking poles –

You won’t regret taking them to protect your knees and on precarious spots.

Picnic basket –

Basket, utensils, glasses, and cutting board all ready to go.

Day Back Pack –

Choose a pack with compartments for everything.  Here’s what to keep it in there so it’s always ready to go. Sunscreen, a folding knife, band aids, first aid cream,  power bar, and pencil and paper.  A poncho and hand sanitizer can come in handy goo.

Low chair for picnic –

As I get older, I enjoy some back support and not just sit hunched on the blanket. Keep two chairs in your car so you are ready for a pop up picnic anytime!

Picnic blanket with waterproof backing –

Now that the country is opening, we want to get out into the great outdoors.  Even if you are sticking close to home, make everyday of your summer an adventure.  

Now that the country is opening, let’s get outside and have some fun.  Even if you are sticking close to home, explore your world.  

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8 thoughts on “Amazon Haul For Your 2020 Summer Stay-ca-tion Adventures”

  1. Nancy,

    I love your suggestions for rethinking a staycation this year.
    Living in central Florida we are an easy two hours from numerous vacation spots. And yet we have spent many vacations hopping on a plane seeking far away destinations.
    And by the way, your shopping guide is perfect for our staycation here in sunny Florida!


    1. Nancy Anderson

      Last summer, we didn’t think twice about hopping on a plane but this summer is different.

      We have the opportunity to explore our own backyards and I can imagine there is a plethora of ways to explore yours in sunny Florida!


    1. Nancy Anderson

      A few years ago I made a New Year’s Resolution to have 35 picnics. While I didn’t make the number, the picnics with friends and family were fantastic. And I certainly upped my game. Thanks for the comment.


    1. Nancy Anderson

      Sun Bum is the best! My step- daughter sent it with my fair skinned granddaughter when she visited and I’ve been hooked ever since.

      And yes, the Amazon Haul collaboration has been a blast! I’ve seen cute kimonos, lemon perfume, and DIY spa days. Learned a lot and had fun doing it.


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