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Hi Girlfriend!

My Name is Nancy & I’m Over 50!

The second half of my life is going to be even better than the first 50 years.  How about yours?


You see, as I approached 50…

I was stuck in a rut and worried.

As my parents aged, I noticed their worlds got smaller. Their routines were deeply set. They ate the same foods every day, saw the same people every week, and watched the same TV shows. I saw myself doing the same thing.

To make matters worse, when my kids moved out and went to college, it coincided with a time when my body was changing. I noticed belly fat, wrinkles on my face including the dreaded lip lines and a general lack of energy.

I wanted to have a different kind of “second half” of life than my parents.

Benefit of learning to ski in midlife

Finally, I had time to myself.

I wanted to be productive, get fit and go on adventures.

I wanted to do important work and not just a job to get to retirement age. My dream was to have a fun and exciting second act after raising my kids and make a mark on the world.

I started a “52 New” project where I tried something new every single week. From trying a new restaurant, taking a new route home, or learning a new skill, every week I made sure I opened my mind to a new possibility and adventure and the results were astonishing.

Because I’d been open to change and new challenges, my life became a big adventure.

Just in that year…

  • We moved from California to our condo in Park City, Utah.
  • I worked remotely for my company.
  • We downsized from a 5 bedroom 3 car garage home to a small condo 1/3 the size.
  • I got picked up by with my own byline on transitioning to retirement.
  • I learned to ski and snowshoe.
  • I lost 7 lbs and got in better shape.
  • I started blogging for Deer Valley Resort on learning to ski at 50 and on trying new things in Park City, Utah!
  • My husband and I were models for the ski resort brochure!

In the next few years, I was offered a job as a financial planner in Salt Lake City
+ I changed my diet and gained more energy!

Thanks to many productivity tools I’ve tested along the way…

I now have the organization and focus to accomplish what’s important to me. 

While working full-time as a financial planner for a private bank, I’ve written a column for, blogged Deer Valley Resort and been quoted in Marketwatch, CNBC, and the Wall St. Journal.  

Our guest room is constantly filled with family and friends who want to visit and enjoy the great outdoors in Utah. 

My husband and I became active in our church, neighborhood and with the United Way in Salt Lake City.

And I am still upping my game every day.

Deer Valley Resort. JPG

Why start this lifestyle blog,
Up Your Game Girl?

Other women after age 50 are stuck in a rut like I was.

The empty nest is a big change even for working professionals.  Women have been focusing on and taking care of others all their lives.  For women after 50, leisure time opens up to focus on themselves, rekindle dreams of their youth, and make a difference in the world.

At work, younger co-workers are competing with their jobs. Everything points toward younger women – fashion, careers, fitness routines, etc. To make it worse, women’s bodies are changing — hormones, gaining belly fat and wrinkles.  Women over 50 need resources focused specifically for them. 

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Women Over 50 Me Time

I believe every woman over 50 can use proven steps to

Step up their game in life, be more productive, get fit and healthy, and play more.

Writing is my passion. My personal finance column on retirement has had 6 million page views from people all over the world. While I still write on personal finance,  I decided to start Up Your Game Girl for Women Over 50 to become more productive, enjoy boundless energy and fulfillment in their lives.

What you can expect

  • FOCUS – How to start your day in a way that will help you power up and power through your day. Get more done than you ever thought possible.
  • FLEXIBILITY– How to ensure you regularly try something new that is meaningful to you. Be open to what life has to offer.
  • FAITH – How reflection and prayer provide you with the grounding needed to gain traction.
  • FITNESS– How to be in your best physical shape by making yourself a priority.
  • FUN– How to connect with your inner child to rekindle dreams of your youth. Get out and play.
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